Repair Work

Stained glass window repairs and renovation

When single pieces of glass need replacing they can usually be done in situ, as often no re soldering of the joints is required. Panels that have more damage have to be removed from site for a quality repair to be undertaken. Repairs usually involve the panel having to be taken apart to replace the broken sections of glass, which are then carefully matched and fitted into the original panel. The repaired sections of lead work are soldered to hold the panel together and then they are sealed with liquid putty to make it weather proof again.

Old panels can become weak if the solder joints begin to fail. Often they can be seen to distort or bow in shape due to the effect of weathering and the weight distribution of the glass pieces. When this occurs the panels usually need to be completely re leaded, or re soldered to strengthen the joints.

Panels that have broken or missing pieces of painted glass have to be matched with repainted pieces of glass. This can involve two stages of painting called Tracing and Shading, which are fired separately in a glass kiln to ensure a permanent bonding. Pieces with yellow stain or coloured enamels may also have to be replaced, and they would require firing but at a lower temperature.

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